Villa Park De Herne is a privately owned set of homes that are offered to those who are looking for a great vacation experience. More and more people go to Villa park De Herne because of the number of services and amenities that we offer our guests. You can make sure that no matter what season it is, your stay in Villa Park De Herne will be comfortable, convenient, and relaxing. For those who are looking for peace and tranquility, you can find your haven here in Villa Park. If you want to put excitement and fun in your life, you will also find it in Villa Park De Herne. Make every moment count with us. Your plan will be our plan for you. Whatever you ask, we will provide.

An unforgettable experience for you

When you go to a certain vacation destination, you always want to create memories of it. And the truth of the matter is that this is not true every time. Sometimes, a few mishaps and a few failures on the side of the service providers can turn your dream into a horrible nightmare. We know it and we understand it. We talked to thousands of participants in our national survey and saw the need for a good service to make every experience of clients as good as possible. Even if a customer ate a bad-tasting food or was not accommodated in a building or museum, it will almost always rely on the place that they stay on whether they will say if they enjoyed their vacation or not.

This is why we are putting a high focus on our services. Whether you have a good or bad experience outside, we want to make your experience with us as perfect as possible. We aim for your sleep to be great and your stay to be the most excellent compared to the others where you have been before. Villa Park De Herne is the best place that you can set your vacation during any season or climate. We make sure that every client experience is positive. And we do it by doing the usual routines of maintenance and management.


Facilities and Services

We invite you to book a home using our booking system. Check your arrival date and your leave date. Be sure to make the initial payment at least a day before your arrival date so that you can secure the home. Since you will be talking directly to the owner of the home for your reservation, he will be the one directing the rules and regulations inside the house. But as for the policies in the vicinity of the Villa Park, you will be receiving the rules upon the receipt of payment.

We offer different sports facilities like basketball courts, soccer fields, and tennis courts. We also offer swimming pools and clubhouses for those who want to celebrate events here. If you want to set tours, we recommend that you get our Amsterdam holiday package where you will get Amsterdam city trips, Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam tours, and additional Amsterdam canal tour.


Kûpersleantsje 5, 8493 LR Terherne, Netherlands

Call: + 0566-840030 


10:00 – 22.00
Monday – Sunday

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