Villa Park De Herne is your all-in-one vacation destination. People have been hearing a lot about Villa Park De Herne and they are asking why so many local and international tourists go to our place to spend their vacation. And this is mainly because of the number of houses that we offer, the amenities that we provide, and the services that we give to our guests.

Houses for Rent

All our houses have their owners design and maintain their homes. Because each one is taken cared of by the owners, you are assured by the safety and cleanliness of each room and house that you stay in. But before the homes are turned to the guests, our maintenance personnel still checks the rooms before handover. This is to make sure that the quality of the houses and the standard that we set are met and satisfied. As long as our standards are followed and complied with, we know that you too will be satisfied.


If you are staying at Villa Park De Herne, you will be gaining access to a lot of amenities that are present in our community. You can take advantage of our sports grounds that have a full basketball court, a soccer field, a tennis court, and a separate badminton court. You will also have a playing field for Frisbee sports. If you are practicing for a dog competition, we also have a field for you. If you want to train your body while you stay here, we also have three fully-equipped gyms for you. Our amenities are comparable to cheap Amsterdam hotels which you stay in during your Amsterdam holiday.

Make sure to have your stay with us for several days so that you can fully enjoy all our facilities in the area.